The Nokdu Flower Review

Two sons of a famous government official one of noble birth and the other born out of wedlock go against each other as they fight for a brighter future for their country. As a peasant revolution for equality brews in 19th century joseon two half brothers fight for their beliefs on opposite sides of the conflict.

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48 release date.

The nokdu flower review. It s february 2020 and parasitemovie just made history and won four oscars including best picture. If you don t know it s a film that tackles the social disparity that s pervasive not just in south korean society today but also in many countries across the. In my opinion nokdu flower is a very valuable saeguk drama.

The two of them both fight but on opposite sides in the battle of ugeumchi which took place in the year 1894 during the donghak peasant revolution. Then we ve also got jo jung suk and han ye ri who are both excellent. South korea cast cho jung seok as baek yi kang yoon si yoon as baek yi hyun han ye ri as song ja in choi moo sung as jeon bong joon plot bercerita tentang.

This is one of those dramas where almost everyone is recognizable and the amount of talent these actors have is through the roof. Many people say this drama is very heavy. Intensely engaging nokdu flower threads on a premise often featured in historical dramas.

The tragedy of inequality a review of the kdrama nokdu flower posted on february 11 2020 august 7 2020 by nuelle. The journey with nokdu flower is a very emotional one as it unveils the struggles of the common people their battles for their rights to equality and the various aspects that influences human. In nokdu flower i loved the themes of fighting for equality tradition vs change struggling with identity self determination figuring out what is really important in life and what it truly means to win or lose loyalty and betrayal and all the conflicting faces of patriotism.

The nokdu flower is a political drama series that is directed by shin kyung soo and executively produced by park myung soo. I have no idea how accurate it was overall but i did actually learn a lot while watching without it feeling too preachy or feeling like the history channel. The story features the real life donghak peasant revolution.

Sometimes in passing at other times it is featured as a story arc. I m always up for historicals plus yoon shi yoon is one of my favorite actors. Nokdu flower was a pretty anticipated drama for me.

The struggle of slaves and commoners. Obviously because this is a historical drama and lifted from a true story except for the three main characters in general the saeguk drama is identical with beautiful scenery colorful kingdoms or. The series is scheduled to premiere on netflix on the 10th of november 2020.

The nokdu flower 녹두꽃 사람 하늘이 되다 director. It s also not so heavy that the story becomes too. And not to leave out the amazing supporting cast.

The ending of a hanging story or an unfinished story. And so here is our nokdu flower review. This drama has a clear historical accuracy and is a drama that is enjoyable to watch meaningful no disappointment such as.

Fridays saturdays 22 00 country. They have different mothers but share the same father. Shin kyung soo writer.

April 26 july 13 2019 runtime. The sageuk drama series tells the story of two half brothers baek yi kang played by jo jung suk and baek yi hyun played by yoon shi yoon. Jung hyun min network.

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