Cape Cod Home Interior Design

Cape Cod Home Interior Design. More on cape cod style for its interior design. I now live in a cape cod but must people don't know it - we have no windows for the upper story in the front of our home.

White Cape Cod Beach House Design - Home Bunch Interior ...
White Cape Cod Beach House Design - Home Bunch Interior ... (Kate Garcia)
The symmetrical design is mirrored in the interior, which often features a center hall layout. Current Cover Stories: Bay Dream Believers. Browse our large collection of Cape Cod style house plans.

Today, we take a look at what exactly makes this home style so unique.

I dream of Cape Cod homes but I never dream of the mega ones.

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Their distinguishing features include a steep, pitched You can use modern touches and give your home's interior a contemporary look and feel. A Cape Cod house style and its coastal cues make it probably one of the most interesting and unique architectural designs to be born in America. Shed or gable dormers are often aligned with windows The variation is called a variety of terms, but "cottage style" is the most common.

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